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Most of Dahl & Kjærgaard’s assignments are handled as targeted search processes with no advertisement. As such, it is highly recommended to enrol in our career bank. You are guaranteed full discretion, as only our researchers and consultants may access the database.

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At the bottom of this page, we detail our recruitment and hiring procedure.

Recruitment and hiring procedure

We always strive to make our recruitment and hiring procedure a positive experience for all candidates. In the following, we detail some of the typical steps you might expect when you apply for a vacancy through Dahl & Kjærgaard.

Once you submit your application, you receive an automatic confirmation. This guarantees that your application has been registered and will be considered. All applications are to be submitted digitally via a link in the advert.

Invitation, first interview
Usually, we go through all the received applications immediately after the application deadline. Soon after, you will be notified whether or not you have been selected for an interview. If there is no application deadline, we hold interviews in the order candidates are identified.

Our meeting
A thorough introduction is pivotal in our mutual assessment of whether or not a match might be found between you and the company in question. Our aim, of course, is to learn as much about you as possible – but also to provide a detailed image of the position, the employer and the life and company culture you will encounter there.

In the meeting, we will focus on covering your competencies, your motivation and not least your expectations of your future employer.

Depending on the job, the process may involve several interviews.

Personality assessment
As a part of the recruitment process, we often utilise psychological assessment and testing tools, usually a personality analysis and a cognitive analysis. While the results are not set in stone, the analyses do provide an excellent foundation for further dialogue and supplement your own input very well. You will always be given thorough and personal feedback, just as you will always be given an opportunity to comment and clarify results.

We use recognised, well-tested analyses, validated and adjusted to the focal group. Furthermore, our consultants are certified to analyse results and provide feedback. We adhere to the Association of Danish Psychologists’ guidelines for corporate testing.

We primarily use PTP (People Test Person), PTL (People Test Logik) and People Test 360°. If you wish to learn more about our analytical tools, please go here

You are, of course, invited to contact any of our consultants for a personal dialogue – here.