Terms and Conditions for Users

On this page you can view the conditions for signing up to Dahl & Kjærgaard´s CV Database.

Data controller

Data controller is: 
Dahl & Kjærgaard HR, Ragnagade 7, 2. sal, 2100 København Ø, Denmark

E-mail: info@dk-hr-dk

Bus reg. No.: 29815291

The collection of information on Jobindex takes place within the frameworks of applicable legislation.


Dahl & Kjærgaard CV Database

When you create and enter a CV in our CV Database, the CV and your information will be registered and stored. In this regard, Dahl & Kjærgaard, as the data controller, processes your personal information such as e.g. your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, job history etc.

The purpose of collecting personal information is to evaluate and contact candidates who are interested in and qualified for current or future vacancies. However, information on gender and date of birth is solely used for statistical purposes. We also store a history of which jobs you have applied for at Dahl & Kjærgaard until your profile is deleted.

Your information is available to Dahl & Kjærgaard employees only.

If we have a relevant position, we will contact you. You can choose to continue become a candidate for the position in question where by you accept that we share your data with the potential employer/our customer.

You can edit, update or delete your data at any time by logging in to your account.


Dahl & Kjærgaard online applications

If you apply for a position through our system for online applications, the following applies to the processing your personal information.

Only the personal information you have entered in the application form, as well as the documents you have attached, are registered. You should only provide personal information relevant to the job profile and which has been requested in the job posting.

Personal information in your application will be treated confidentially and used solely by the person(s) involved in the recruitment process. It is thus only Dahl & Kjærgaard who has access to your information, in connection with your online application and CV. Your information might also be shared with the company seeking an employee.

If you are a relevant candidate for a position, you will be asked to do tests. The results of these tests will be shared with the company seeking an employee if you are to be presented to the company as a candidate.

In addition, Dahl & Kjærgaard will be able to contact you at a later date if we consider your profile and qualifications appropriate for other vacancies. You will be contacted by e-mail or phone and introduced to the vacancy. If you do not wish to be contacted again, you can delete your profile at any time by logging in to your account or write us at info@dk-hr.dk. Your profile is deleted after 6 months if you do not log in before this time.


General about Personal Information

Sensitive information

You may not enter or upload sensitive personal information, such as, for example, religion, race, political affiliations, union affiliations, sexual orientation or health information on Dahl & Kjærgaard. We are not allowed to register such information, and if we become aware that they exist, we will remove them.

Where is your information stored?

Your personal information is stored in Dahl & Kjærgaard´s recruitment database, which are offered by Emply, Paul Bergsøes Vej 16, 2600 Glostrup. The servers are located in the EU.


Disclosure of information

Jobindex, in certain cases, passes on the personal information we process regarding you. Your personal information may be disclosed to: (i) companies using our services, including the CV database and online applications for recruitment, or (ii) suppliers we collaborate with in order to support our business (e.g. service providers, technical support, delivery services), or (iii) in connection with sales, assignments or other transfers of the content on our website, or (iv) if required by a court order or applicable law.

The disclosure will be made to the extent and to those necessary in order to perform the service you request and in connection with the use of our products or similar services which require us to use your information.


Insight into your information

You can always view and correct your information by logging in to your account. If you need help, contact Dahl & Kjærgaard på at +45 70204480.

We reserve the right to change your entered information in case we become aware that your CV contains incorrect or illegal information. However, this will not normally happen and we will notify you in the event of any such changes.

If you want access to the information that Dahl & Kjærgaard is processing regarding you, then please contact us at info@dk-hr.dk.

Pursuant to the Personal Data Act you have the right to know what personal information we are processing regarding you. If it appears that this information is incorrect or misleading, you are entitled to request that we correct, block or delete this information. You can, in addition, object at any time to information regarding you being subjected to further processing.


Deletion of your information

We process your personal information in our system for as long as we have a concrete, pragmatic purpose in doing so, and we also keep your personal data upon the expiry of a specific application procedure, such that you can automatically be considered for future vacancies.

The documents you have uploaded in our system for online applications, such as your CV, application, recommendation, etc., are deleted 6 months after the end of the recruitment process, if you do not actively consent to remain registered.

You can delete your information at any time by logging in and selecting the appropriate feature or by contacting the data processor in writing. If you want to delete all of the registered information, then you’ll need to delete your entire user profile and not just your CV.



We reserve the right to remove your information in the event of abuse or use for unauthorised and/or criminal purposes.


Contact and complaint guidelines

If you have questions or comments about the above, or if you have any complaints, please feel free to contact us. Write to  info@dk-hr.dk or contact us by phone on +45 7020 4480.

You also have the opportunity to appeal to the Danish Data Protection Agency, which can be contacted via dt@datatilsynet.dk.