Search & recruitment

Dahl & Kjærgaard profit from an elaborate network and an extensive career bank. Our retention rate is what sets us apart as one the industry’s elite firms.

The Dahl & Kjærgaard approach to recruitment sets itself apart in its point of departure: the motivation of individual candidates. While we tailor the recruitment process to the client and the complexity of the project at hand, our in-depth knowledge of our candidates is what has enabled us to not just recruit excellent people – but keep them happy in their new jobs.

Long-term relations
Since 1999, we recruited more than 1,000 new employees for both private and public sector clients. Despite this extensive track record, we maintain retention rate of 96 percent – that is, 97 percent of our candidates are still in the job after six months. Needless to say, several of Dahl & Kjærgaard’s clients have remained with us right from the very beginning. To see our references, go

​A typical recruitment process spans 6-10 weeks:


Analysis phase >
• Thorough analysis of the commissioning company.

• Profiling the job function and the character required to perform in it

• Management style analysis
• Creation of relevant presentation material

Search & screening >
• Establishing a strategy for search

• Industry scouring
• Network- and database search

• Identification of candidates (shortlist)

• Preliminary phone interviews

Interviews and selection >
• First interview of candidates, including motivation analysis

• In-depth interviews founded in analyses of personality and cognitive capacities

• Selection of candidates for presentation with clients

Presentation of candidates
• Candidates are presented to the client

• Dahl & Kjærgaard assists in the selection
• Dahl & Kjærgaard procures references regarding the selected candidate

• Dahl & Kjærgaard handles rejections of remaining candidates