If your employment has been terminated, Dahl & Kjærgaard offers a tailored outplacement procedure. We combine consultancy and coaching and work with you towards re-inplacement

With an outplacement process at Dahl & Kjærgaard, you get an active partner as you hunt down the right new job. We work actively on your behalf, both in reaching potential new employers and in finding the match that is right for you.


As part of your individual process, you will be assigned a sparring partner among Dahl & Kjærgaard’s experienced consultants, who remains with you throughout the process. During this time, we meet regularly at our offices and typically interchange between consultancy and homework.


The timeframe and process are tailored to you individually, in accordance with your wishes and needs. Below, one example of an outplacement process is detailed:

Initiation >
• Clarification and matching of expectations

• Mutual chemistry and clarification of roles

• Tailoring of process

Investigation >
• Your motivations are identified and analysed

• Personality assessment founded on thorough testing

• Profiling of competencies

• Career goals and plan formulated

Preparation >
• Updating and angling of resumé in accordance with your personal profile, ensuring that the story told here fits yours and your potential employers’ needs

• Updating and angling of LinkedIn profile
• Network analysis
• Knowledge of the job market
• Application strategies
• Action plan

Job seeking and follow-up

• Working the network
• Interview training
• Advice on applications

• Regular coaching
• Counselling in regards to starting up in your new job
• Evaluation of process