Dahl & Kjærgaard offers individual processes, where coaching and personal development is combined with career counselling and onboarding - the natural extension of a search and recruitment process.

Coaching and personal development
Rooted in NLP, positive psychology, behavioural therapy, mindfulness and other well-established tools, Dahl & Kjærgaard offers personal processes for both managers and employees who want to develop personally and professionally.

How you may benefit from our counsel:

•  Greater insight into your own life and its conditions
•  Improved quality of personal and work life
•  Clear goals and new directions in life
•  The convictions that limit you are challenged and new opportunities of expression are achieved
•  Increased awareness of your own behaviour and potentials – as well as those of others


Career counselling
Dahl & Kjærgaard offers career counselling for the candidate who seeks to set a new direction and/or get his/her work life into perspective. The point of departure is always your current situation.

The process is organised individually and uses your background, your qualifications, resources and goals for the future as its jumping off point.

The gains from such a process might be, i.e.:

•  Mapping of motivational direction
•  Personality assessment based on analytical tools
•  Profiling of competencies and resumé
•  Determination of career goals and plans
•  Network management and application strategies


The most critical time in any recruitment process is the first 6 – 12 months of employment. At Dahl & Kjærgaard, we offer onboarding – a form of coaching designed to ensure satisfaction and integration, as well as realising the employee’s full potential earlier in his/her employment. Concrete goals are set, support is guaranteed and counselling is provided for both management and the new employee.

We have worked with customers such as Actimo, Cramo, Teva and Hofor.

This model demonstrates the ROI (return on investment) achieved from investing in an onboarding process as part of recruiting a new employee. The method ensures the success and satisfaction of the employee and yields higher productivity levels early on.