Dahl & Kjærgaard utilise psychological assessment tools from Danish supplier People Test Systems A/S (PTS). PTS emerged in the 1990s, when the analytical tools were developed for Danish and Scandinavian corporations. Today, PTS products are used in both private and public companies.

The test tools are used in different connections, i.e. recruitment and development on both personal and organisational levels.

People Test Person, PTP, is a well-documented personality test used in recruiting, personal development and value creation for employees and managers alike. PTP covers 12 overall characteristics and a total of 36 underlying influences. The analysis provides a thorough insight into the candidate’s personality in terms of management style, attitudes, values and the like, as well as providing a solid indication of the candidate’s ability to implement and execute.

People Test Logik PTL, is a combination analysis that, like most other intelligence analyses, calculates an overall intelligence score. Unlike other tests, however, the analysis provides a detailed profile of the test subject’s intelligence and cognitive ability within a number of specific areas.

PT360° is a holistic tool developed specifically for leadership analysis. PT360 includes the perceptions of employees and colleagues as well as the personal and cognitive analyses of the focal manager. Furthermore, it measures results against the overall strategy of the focal organisation. Thus, the analysis tool provides an excellent platform for management development and identifies key areas in which individual managers might improve to ensure overall organisational fit.

Dahl & Kjærgaard offers counselling on personnel assessments, both as an integral part of recruitments handled by us, or as a separate service entirely.